Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yay - Starter kit arrived

There is nothing more fabulous than arriving home to find that UPS have delivered a box of goodies. In this case, my demo starter kit. I am now in possession of:

Eastern Blooms
Nursery Necessities
Pun Fun
Heard from the Heart
Thoughts and Prayers
Bella's border wheel

I kept one pack of the Bold Bright card but I'm not a huge fan of most of those colors so swapped out the other pack and most of the ink pads for those I was still missing from the other color families. I can't wait to get playing. Best of all, my first demo order arrives next week with my Big Shot (and about a billion other things....). I took full advantage of the 30% off!

No cards this evening but, just for Diane, a special segment about the pup!

Introducing The Nutty Pup - Dougal

Dougal (aka Northwinds Magic Roundabout) is an almost 6 month old tri-color belton English Setter. He is completely crazy and thinks that everything is for eating (typical male). I am very biased but I think he is truly gorgeous and am more than happy to share a few pics of him and blame Diane!

This is one of the cutest pics ever - Dougal at 8 weeks old. He nows weighs around 40lbs and will hit around 70 when fully grown!!

Dougal with his biggest fans, my girls Rhiannon and Anwyn.

Just look at this face!!

Hope you don't mind the non-stamping theme but, like I said, Diane made me do it ;-)


  1. He is so cute! I can't wait until we can get a puppy.

  2. I'll glad take the blame on this one!!! LOL Now you are one lucky duck that I don't live close enough to steal this little guy away. You think anyone would notice me stuffing him in the back seat of a car!!!! Thanks for posting those, he looks like an little angel, those eyes!
    PS: I didn't realize you were a new demo! How very exciting for you! Welcome to the cult oh I mean Stampin UP!!

  3. He is so CUTE! And Congrats on becoming a new demo - very exciting!

  4. He is adorable - and so are the girls. Congrats on your new demo-ship! You'll have a blast.
    I'm loving your blog, btw.

  5. He is too stinkin' cute! I would let him get away with murder. I didn't know you were a new Demo. WELCOME aboard!